Family Medicine Curriculum

*Elective Examples: Allergy, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Bluegrass Community Health Center, Endocrinology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Faculty Development, Geriatrics, Infectious Disease, Intensive Care, Maternal/Child Development, Palliative Care, Psychiatry, Practice Management, Radiology, Rheumatology, Sleep Medicine

Four speciality tracks are offered and open to incoming PGY-1 residents. 

Global Health Track (Longitudinal 3 Year Curriculum):

The Department of Family & Community Medicine offers a Global Health track, a focus-area curriculum for residents interested in learning about the social determinants of health and care of vulnerable populations at home and abroad.  The emphasis is on experiential learning about sustainable change through community engagement. Global Health Track residents will complete a minimum of 8 weeks of global health clinical electives (domestic and/or international)..  This track is open to incoming PGY-1 residents. 

Sports Medicine Track (Longitudinal 3 year curriculum):

We are pleased to offer a Sports Medicine track to interested incoming residents who matched in our program and have a demonstrated interest in sports medicine. This track provides a longitudinal experience in a variety of primary care sports medicine clinical and scholarly activities. It is a track which provides focus for those interested in incorporating sports medicine activities and procedures into their Primary Care practice or pursuing fellowship training. Sports Medicine track residents work with sports medicine fellows on event and high school coverage and rotate in sports medicine as an intern.

Academic ‘Residents as Teachers’ Track (Longitudinal 3 Year Curriculum):

The residency program has just launched a new Academic ‘Residents as Teachers’ track, targeting residents interested in practicing as a faculty physician, researcher, and/or leader within the field of medicine.  The emphasis of this track includes pedagogical and leadership theory, evaluation, research, grant-writing, communication, professionalism, and developing a curriculum vitae. Participating residents will have an opportunity to attend and present scholarly material at national conferences.

Transform Health Trans Track (Longitudinal 3 Year Curriculum):

The Transform Health Trans Track aims to address educational and patient care gaps through a curriculum designed to meet AAFP and AAMC Standards. Participating in this track yields opportunities to improve resident knowledge, skills and leadership in transgender care, disseminating processes and results in order to generalize to training in other health professions and/or professional development. Residents will demonstrate increased knowledge of transgender patient care, demonstrate skill in assessing and counseling in a culturally appropriate manner, feel confidence in assuming care of transgender patients, exhibit leadership in advocacy for gender minority health area and wellness. Residents develop scholarly work and present at GLMA national conferences.