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Primary care is in continuous evolution to meet the changing needs of our patients and changing structure of our healthcare system. As we redesign our approach to providing care, we also want to find new ways to keep students at the forefront of healthcare transformation. The Transformation of Care Curriculum (TCC) is an educational innovation that will provide students core knowledge and skills for practice transformation. This three year curriculum includes an early clinical experience as part of a high-functioning interprofessional team, followed by a population health management course that complements the core curriculum and finally workshops on transitioning to clinical practice.

What is the TEAM Clinic?

The first year experience is the TEAM clinic that serves to Teach students, Empower patients, Act collaboratively and Meet health goals. This is an opportunity for students to engage in interprofessional, team-based care for medically and socially complex patients. In addition to the experience of interprofessional practice and education, students will learn core collaboration skills through TED talks, guided reflection and discussion. Students will meet with the team and participate in the TEAM Clinic one afternoon per month over the course of the first year. 

Population Health
The TEAM clinic sets the groundwork for a second year experience in population health. Students will learn how individual patient characteristics, risk factors and health status are reflected at the population level. This may include leveraging data to identify care gaps and identifying root causes of health disparities among TEAM clinic patients. Students will meet once per month to learn to analyze aggregate data and to learn how this information can be applied to improve clinical processes. 

Transition to clinical practice
In the third years, students will have two final workshops to support them in applying transformation of care skills to their new settings and to reflect on the transition to practice. 

Care of Vulnerable Populations Elective
Students may choose to pursue an elective in the fourth year to further develop clinical or leadership skills in transformation of care. The focus of this elective would be application of these skills in the setting of a patient population with identified health disparities. 

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Keisa Fallin-Bennett, MD, MPH, Associate Professor

Carol Hustedde, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Family & Community Medicine
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