Sports Medicine Clinics: The patients are seen by the fellow who evaluates, diagnoses and develops treatment plan in conjunction with the primary care sports attending. This clinic is held in the Orthopedic sports center with direct contact with the orthopedic sports medicine residents.

Family Medicine Clinics: This is a primary care continuity clinic held one half-day a week where the fellow sees her/his own patient panel.

Sports Medicine Conferences: Fellows will attend a weekly conference for MSK Ultrasound and a multi-disciplinary conference with the Orthopedic sports medicine program to meet with the trainers and physical therapists to discuss various sports related topics. (Didactic, research, events, etc.)

Sports Ultrasound: During the fast half of the year, the fellows will learn and gain competency in diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal sonography.  Beginning in January, fellows will being mastering the skills independently. 

Training Room Coverage:
Fellows are required to visit training room at each of these facilities. 

Triathlon: planning and attendance at medical tent
Preparticipation Exams: University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Georgetown College and Fayette County High Schools. 
Event Coverage: Fellows are responsible for on-field coverage of multiple events throughout the year.