Course Description

Sports Medicine Clinics: The patients are seen by the fellow who evaluates, diagnoses and develops treatment plan in conjunction with the primary care sports attending. This clinic is held in the Orthopedic sports center with direct contact with the orthopedic sports medicine residents.

Family Medicine Clinics: This is a primary care continuity clinic held one half-day a week where the fellow sees her/his own patient population.

Sports Medicine Meetings/Didactics: The fellows meet with the attendings once per week to talk about administrative business and have a didactic teaching session.

Sports Medicine Conferences: The Orthopedic sports medicine program and the primary sports medicine program meet with the trainers and physical therapists to discuss various sports related topics. (Didactic, research, events, etc.)

High School Training Room: The fellow is responsible for her/his own high school. Usually spending one afternoon each week evaluating athletes with sports-related injuries.

Kentucky State University and Eastern Kentucky University Training Room: Fellows go to the training room once per week to evaluate various injuries and develop treatment plans with the trainer.

University of Kentucky Training Room: Fellows go to the training room once per week for evaluation of treatment of injuries.

Event Coverage: Fellows are responsible for on-field coverage of multiple events throughout the year.

MorningSports Medicine ClinicSports Medicine ClinicSports Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine Conference

Sports Medicine Clinic

Family Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine Clinic 
Noon  Sports Medicine Conference   
AfternoonHigh School/Collegiate Training RoomSports Medicine ClinicSports Medicine ClinicSports Medicine Clinic/Collegiate Training RoomResearch/ReadingCollege Football
Evening    High School Football