M1 and M2 Electives

Introduction to Social Medicine

This course will explore the social, economic, cultural, and political determinants of health and how health care professionals work to overcome these challenges. The course will provide participants with the tools to begin to recognize these factors before entering into clinical practice. Sessions will be interactive and provide a space where all perspectives on these issues can be respectfully debated so that participants may begin to understand how to effectively enhance the health of each patient. Concepts discussed will be linked to specific practices in the Salvation Army Clinic.

Introduction to Global Health

This course spans the M1 and M2 years to addresses the global burden of disease within the context of social determinants of health. It examines how social determinants impact health outcomes in vulnerable populations. It also discusses the concept of health and wellness as the result of an integrated approach to safety, security, and social justice. This elective or an equivalent course of study completed during medical school is a requirement for the global health track.

Review of Medical Spanish

This course serves to refresh and expand the use of language and cultural knowledge in the preclinical years. We will rely heavily on in-class interaction; active listening and speaking are essential to language learning. Preparatory reading is required, and participation in class is the main method of teaching. Case presentations of common medical problems will serve as topics for discussion. Readings and lectures will address cultural competence and emphasize factors that influence interactions and outcomes when working with diverse populations.

Medical Spanish and Tropical Medicine in Costa Rica (Summer Immersion)

This three-week summer course is a linguistic and cultural immersion program for offered through the International Health Central American Institute (IHCAI) in San José, Costa Rica. The purpose of this course is to expand on existing Spanish language skills through formal instruction and practice of Spanish vocabulary used in medical settings.

Interprofessional Teamwork in Global Health

This course in interprofessional education and practice is designed as a required pre-departure training prior to participation in the shoulder-to-shoulder global Ecuador service learning trip or other similar experiences. The aim is to provide students with an opportunity to work effectively as an interprofessional team in a domestic or international community by promoting holistic approaches to improving the health of individuals and communities.

Research in Family & Community Medicine

This is a course for medical students in the first and second year to experience primary care and community medicine research. Under the mentorship and supervision of a qualified faculty member, students will develop specific plans for a research experience. Students will be expected to identify a faculty member and an associated research experience with this member prior to enrollment to this elective course. This experience may involve various aspects of a research experience continuum, such as specific aim and hypotheses generation, study design, literature reviews, implementing interventions, collecting data, data analyses, manuscript preparation, and submission.

The Healer's Art

This multidisciplinary course is part of a nationwide network of over 30 medical schools offering this course. The classes focus on qualities of the Hippocratic Oath, such as compassion and service. It validates meaning, values, and the wisdom gained from life experience. The course emphasizes a collegial relationship between faculty and students with both sharing their experiences as equals rather than as "full" faculty filling up "empty" students.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation

This course, taught in conjunction with one of our community-based faculty members, is open to all students with M1/M2 students receiving credit. The class teaches students to have a healthy self-awareness and provides tips/exercises to help reduce stress (both personal and school-related).