Questions about Call?
Upper level in-house with PGY1 resident for the entire first year
2nd year: 2 week night float 4 times per year
3rd year: No scheduled night float

Questions about the Family Medical Center (FMC).
Attendings see patients after the PGY1 resident for the first six months
1st year: 1-2 half days/week; 4-6 patients/half day
2nd year: 2-7 half days/week; 6-8 patients/half day
3rd year: 3-8 half days/week; 8-10 patients/half day

Questions about the Family Medicine Inpatient Service.
Admit to UK Good Samaritan Hospital and to UK Chandler Hospital
Average daily census of 17 patients; approximately 100 admissions/month
Admit patients daily: all FMC patients, community physician referrals, and the first unassigned patient from UK ED

Questions about Moonlighting.
Numerous opportunities in PGY2 and PGY3 (average $50-$100/hour)

GME Policies & Procedures