UK's Transform Health Clinic Hosts 'Sound Off'

A developing issue within the health care realm is understanding what it means to be transgender inclusive. UK HealthCare’s Transform Health Clinic is hosting an event to discuss what it means to be transgender inclusive with health care providers and members of the Lexington community. The dialogue at the Sound Off workshop will specifically address mental health and substance use treatment for transgender people.

Transgender people have historically been excluded from or mistreated within health care settings, resulting in higher rates of many conditions, including depression, anxiety and substance use disorder (SUD). When they don’t feel welcomed and affirmed by providers in a mental health or substance treatment facility, the problem they’re facing can become worse.

Family and Community Medicine provider Dr. Keisa Fallin-Bennett is excited to see results after the workshop.

“We hope that providers will come away with specific tools and action steps to improve their inclusive practices,” said Fallin-Bennett.

The event will feature a panel discussion of mental health providers and clients. There will also be time dedicated to working on inclusive care plans or guidelines, and networking.

“We hope to help everyone understand the risks of lack of access to quality mental health and SUD care and to help providers and community advocates connect,” said Fallin-Bennett. “Our goal with this event is to make inclusive care easier for providers and better suited to our community.”

The event is Thursday Nov. 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Voices of Hope Lexington, 450 Old Vine St. Suite 101.  Appetizers will be served.